Silver Maintenance Program at Crowley Heating & Air Conditioning

At just $16.95 a month, the Silver program at Crowley Heating & Air Conditioning includes two combined pieces of equipment and planned maintenance on those two pieces of equipment. For example, if you have a pool heater along with your air conditioning system, this can be a way to keep both of them properly maintained at the fraction of the cost of repairs. Like with the Bronze, Gold and Platinum plans, Silver comes with:

  • Discounted price on annual maintenance
  • 21-point annual check-up and maintenance***
  • Safety test for carbon monoxide
  • Free regular (standard) pleated filters*
  • 24-hour priority service
  • 10% off future HVAC services
  • Product discounts and newsletters
  • Service by our professionally certified service technicians
  • Free reminders

Efficient, Professional Service

“I have an indoor pool and hot tub where the heating for both was provided using electricity. With the recent increases in hydro rates, the cost of maintaining an appropriate water temperature for both the hot tub and the pool was becoming extreme. Crowley Heating installed a high efficiency gas boiler with multiple heat exchangers, which provided heating for the pool, the hot tub, the pool room as well as ‘on demand’ hot water for my home. This required a very complex system. However, it was installed quickly and professionally and has not only allowed increased control of water temperatures, but has also significantly reduced my overall heating costs. I would certainly recommend Crowley Heating for anyone considering this type of installation.”

- James

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